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TID – 8572 from 28 Sept to Oct 7

Dear WH team,
Warm greetings!
A few months after returning to Italy from our honeymoon, we finally find some time to give you our impressions about the trip.
During the planning phase everything went smoothly, and the regular exchanges with Jambay and Ugen made us feel safe and confident despite the distance and the many unknown aspects of the process.
The few difficulties that arose during the payment and visa phases because of some wrong data were promptly managed by the team. Our only suggestion, as already written, would be to offer some other payment systems for people outside the USA so that the transfer fees, which are substantial, can be lowered (something like transferwise.com).

Marco & Silva in traditional Bhutanese dress.
Marco & Silva in traditional Bhutanese dress.

The planning of our itinerary was also satisfactory, you accommodated most of our special requests without charging any extras, unlike a bigger company from which we also requested a quote.
Upon arrival we were promptly collected by our fellow guide and driver, Kinley Tenzin (KT) and Kumar, who were welcoming and cheerful, immediately showing us around and answering our many questions, including personal ones. Despite being both not the talkative type, they were always helpful.
Of KT we particularly appreciated the support he gave us when Marco had to pay a night visit to Thimphu’s hospital because of too much sun at the festival; we also really enjoyed his concise but deep explanations about Buddhist beliefs. Kumar was always very friendly and witty.
Our second guide, who welcomed us after the internal flight from Jakar to Paro, Veejay, was a very nice guy who showed us the more “globalised” sight of the Bhutanese youth, and treated us with a couple of memorable surprises, like a stone bath in the farm and a special present and little ceremony for our wedding.
The hotels were above expectation almost in all cases, and food was equally very good.
We must thank you especially for the arrangement of printing 130 postcards with a picture of us on the spot. All our friends and families were delighted to receive them. Many thanks again!
All in all a great trip.
As for improvement suggestions, we would have appreciated a few more occasions to mingle with Bhutanese people beyond the hotel personnel. That seems indeed not so easy without the support of a guide, mainly because of the language barrier.
Keep up the good work – we will definitely recommend Windhorse to our acquaintances.
Thanks again!

Marco & Silvia

The hotels were above expectation almost in all cases, and food was equally very good.

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