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Wow! I had the very best holiday.

Thank you enormously. There were pleasant surprises in there and plenty of support.

It took my a while to get into the swing of being a traveller again. And I think it would have been difficult to foresee all the adjustments I needed to make.

Flight was good, and Bhutan’s guide and driver were exceptional. On the first day, I went for good walk from the fort to my hotel. Everything about the hotel was good, it was a great introduction to Bhutan. Alas, the next morning, my Right knee had blown up and was sore throughout the trip, though it didn’t stop me in what I wanted to do.I rode a horse up to the canteen on the way to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is as close to it I got. The wealth of knowledge Tashi, the guide had was incredible, so each Dzong was a joy to visit. The Thimbu hotel was lovely and i could listen to the bells as the prayer wheels were turned. The weaving display, the memorial temple were very impressive and generally just being amongst the crowds was good. Panakha Valley was interesting too, and I went to a nunnery to listen to the chanting at 6.30am before driving to Bumthang. The roads certainly are an education, and it was so wonderful to see the respect of cows and dogs, even if they were in the middle of the road. Bumthang was a good place to spend some time, though as you know the flight was cancelled and I had to return by road to Paro.

The homestay, such a historically rich place, was great. I was sorry I couldn’t have stayed longer. Very smooth sailing leaving Paro.

And the wonderful Business class seat where I saw the Himalayan  mountains in between mouthfuls of scrumptious food. Thank you the view was one of my highlights.

So Jen a big thank you, you excelled in the arrangements. It was a wonderful trip.

Kind Regards,


Bhutan Tour, Oct 2018

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