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On our 9-day tour in November my husband and I had an amazing time! We were particularly blown away by the temples, unspoiled landscapes, and the kindness of the local people of Bhutan! The accommodations were very comfortable – we especially loved our hotel up in the hillside in Punakha! We also loved touring all of the temples and dzongs, and really appreciated the patience and wisdom of our guide Pema, who was also very willing to go on all of the hikes that my husband insisted on! Another highlight was visiting the Artist College in Thimphu – as a graphic designer I really enjoyed seeing the process and the students at work! We also brought home a few beautiful student paintings that we framed and gave as gifts to family! and of course the Tiger’s Nest Monastery was a must-visit that speaks for itself. A big thank you to Pema also, for helping us to purchase the gho and kira (and also to help us put them on correctly!) We were very happy to wear our traditional clothing at the Tiger’s Nest! (see attached photo!)

Our overnight trek was a definite highlight as well, and the camping was quite comfortable and luxurious! We would definitely recommend for people to bring ear plugs with them to help drown out the noise of the barking dogs at night! Also, I would encourage visitors to Bhutan to try the local cuisine! We really enjoyed trying ema datse, kewa datse, and shamu datse! Also highly recommend the hot stone baths – we wished that we had one back home in the US!Very much hoping to come back again some time soon to explore more of the natural landscape and hiking trails!Thanks again for a memorable experience – it was truly a once in a lifetime trip!
Sarah and Eric Hedstrand

Bhutan Tour with short Trek for Eric and Sarah TID: 9127

  • Person Name Sarah Hedstrand
  • From US
  • Trip Name Bhutan Tour with short Trek for Eric & Sarah
  • Travelled Date Nov 17-25,2017
  • Destination Bhutan
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