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Snow Leopard Trek TID 760 ( 3 – 17 Oct,2014)
Hello Anand,
Thank you so much for setting up a great experience for my husband and me. We had a spectacular time!
Our guide, Karma was really knowledgeable, helpful, and, best of all, funny! He was also very gentle and didn’t push us. He understood what all our limitations were and encouraged us to do our best. He was very personable and that helped us enjoy the experience more!
One thing that we think Windhorse can improve on is making sure that everyone knows what each person’s food restrictions are. On a few occasions, we felt that the cook did not know or had forgotten that we had a vegetarian in the group and that my husband, Varun, could not eat dairy or fried food. For example, one of our lunches was pizza, cheese momos, and fried potatoes. After trekking all morning, it was upsetting that there were no food options for him. During this time, we mentioned to Karma that he could not eat anything from this meal and even though he informed the cook, nothing was done to fix the situation.
The food in general was decent. We really enjoyed the soups! It was perfect for the cold evenings. For three dinners during the trek, the soup had meat in it and the vegetarian in the group could not enjoy it, so please make sure this option is available for everyone. It is really the perfect thing to start dinner with.
Thank you again and we hope that we can work with Windhorse in the future.

Our guide, Karma was really knowledgeable, helpful, and, best of all, funny!

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