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As promised I let you know our comments  about the trip.

Everything was good organised, the trekking was what we expected, food was very good and people so nice.

Hotel was in the average even if we normally preferred small one, where you get in contact with the owner and the other guests, but, I know, we were too late for this kind of place.

The only one thing for our point of view that  you could improve is the choice of restaurants. Namgay most of the time proposed us for lunch restaurants only for tourists.

For us find good food and nice places  where seat and meet people is an important part of the holiday.

In Thimphu for example for dinner we went around for ourself  and we found out the Zombala 2, very nice place full of local people with very good food and very good service.

In Paro we went to restaurant Nima, that we found out for ourself, we spend a very nice evening there.

Namgay had been a very kind and an interesting person.

Culture Tour with Short Druk Path Trek.

  • Person Name Garbriel Zoppi Zoppi
  • From Switzerland
  • Trip Name Culture tour with Short Druk Path Trek
  • Travelled Date Nov 08 -17,2017
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Thimphu - Osel
    Punakha - Drubchhu Resort
    Thimphu - Osel
    Trekking - Trek Camp
    Paro - Tenzinling Resort
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