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I am a member of the group that Diane wrote a previous review about. I agree with everything she said.  This trip exceeded my expectations.  The guides, in particular, were excellent!  We stayed in wonderful hotels.  The possible exception to that was our hotel in Varanasi, but the fact that it was about 1 block away from the ghats at the Ganges totally made up for the accommodations!  We spent time in villages – including a bike ride through an small village outside of Khajaraho. The spiritual, other-worldly experience of Varanasi will remain with me forever.  Even the crazy, bumpy ride from Chitwan to Pokhara in Nepal was memorable!  I am very pleased that we chose Windhorse, and that we customized our trip for the 4 of us.   I felt well taken care of throughout our 18 day trip.  I feel like I learned a great deal about the cultures and histories of India and Nepal.  This was a great value!

Jackie   *****

Customized tour for 4 of India and Nepal TID 9142

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