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Bhutan Private Trip Oct 2008
Ugen & Rinzin, I returned to NYC on Sunday and have been a bit busy catching up on things here, but I wanted to let you both know what a wonderful time we had in Bhutan and to thank the Windhorse team for making this such a special trip. It far exceeded my expectations. Bhutan is an amazing country. I don’t think that any photographs that I have seen of the country can do justice to the physical beauty. We also found the people to be incredibly generous in spirit. I hope that as things continue to modernize that these very special qualities can be maintained.
Ugen — I want to thank you for all of your efforts in preparing us for the trip and making the arrangements. You made everything so easy and effortless for us.

Rinzin — it was nice meeting you and the other Windhorse staff in Bhutan. Thanks again for arranging the birthday celebration. It was very special and so nice of you to go to this effort.
I wanted to let you both know what a wonderful guide (Chencho Nidup) and driver (Passang) we had. They really made the trip for us. They were incredibly attentive and personable and we really enjoyed our time with them. I would recommend them highly to any of your other clients. Please tell them that we said hello.

I was about to post a testimonial on your website and noted that you had our comments from your survey already there. I was glad to see them. If any of your prospective clients ever request to speak to someone who has travelled with you for a reference please feel free to give them my e-mail address as I would feel honored to recommend your company to anyone considering a trip to Bhutan. In a few days I am going to post a trip report about our experiences in Bhutan on Fodor’s website. I will mention the incredible experience we had with Windhorse and will send you a link to this once it is posted.

I have to run — Thanks again for everything !!!!

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