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TID: 133: Hill X 3 – Bhutan Private Tour (Oct 9 – 21, 2008)
Guide: Cencho Nidup & Driver: Passang

01.Were you provided adequate information about your trip prior departing for Bhutan ? What did you need to know more?
The wind horse Agents in US was very helpful and always available to answer our questions.

02. Were you met at the point of arrival with the maximum efficiency and courtesy?
YES!! The guide and driver were prompt and did a WONDERFUL job from the first minutes we met them.

03.Did the tour get off to a good start? Yes!! It was PERFECT from our arrival to tour last day.

04. Did your guide fulfill your itinerary? Yes, they more than fulfilled it. We had a wonderful time with Chencho who was very personable and knowledgable

05. Was the itinerary confusing with unnecessary details? No!! it was very helpful

06. Was the service of your tour guide and driver upto the mark?
Absolutely…..they made our trip. They were PERFECT. T would recommend them highly to any person visiting Bhutan..

07. Has there been any occasion where your guide and driver were not punctual?
Never…..they were always punctual and helpful

08. Please comment on the food, accommodation and the services rendered by the hotels/trekking crew.
Overall they were very good. Everyone was very caring and made our stay a pleasure.

09. Is this your first visit to Bhutan and do you wish to come back again?
Yes it is our first time and I plan on coming back

10. On the whole, how do you rate your trip?
a) Very Satisfying b) Satisfying c) Adequate
d) Not enough e) Very dissatisfying

11. How would you like us to improve our services? It was perfect…..thanks for everything.
Note: Chencho and Passang did an EXCELLENT job and should be rewarded. Also thanks for arranging the birthday celebration for June…. It was a very nice touch – Thanks for everything.
Dr. James H

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