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Overall it was great to see Bhutan but we were disappointed with the arrangements – mainly getting bad rooms in the hotels (we complained twice and then got much better rooms – you should have discussed this with us when we booked if they cost more, or should have booked us good rooms – I am sure it would have been possible given that we paid nearly 6 months in advance), altitude sickness on the trek which should have been planned later in the 2 week period, very short trekking days and then nowhere to be for the rest of the usually freezing day – the dining tent did not have the promised lamp that would give heat, and in fact had only a solar powered light which by the time we had eaten our soup most days meant we had to use our head torches to see the main course as the solar power had been used up. It would be better to do the trek over 4 days and 3 nights. However the vehicle, driver and guide were all good, as were the day hikes and activities.

Druk Path Trek & Culture

  • Person Name Nigel Paul Gibbens
  • From United Kingdom
  • Trip Name Druk Path Trek with Culture
  • Travelled Date 29 Oct - Nov 11, 2018
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Haa - Lechuna Heritage Hotel
    Camp - Tent
    Thimphu - Hotel Druk
    Gangtey - Hotel Dewachen
    Punakha - Hotel Lobesa
    Paro - Hotel Gangtey Palace
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