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Fleming & Zabala Tour of Sikkim & Bhutan 26 Mar till 08 April 2009
Ugen, Just wanted to let you know that Teresa and I had a wonderful trip to Darjeeling, Sikikim and Bhutan. I am glad that my thought about leaving Bhutan to the end of the trip, was a good one. Bhutan was definitely the highlight of our trip.The drivers and tour guides were very good and accommodating to our wishes and needs. I suppose that you have heard about the night we slept in the car.Because of the rockslide on the road to Thimpu, we decided to take a chance and try to get to Bhutan on another road. It was something that we decided to do and we have no regrets about that. Matter of fact, it allowed us to visit a very beautiful monastery where our guide used to be a young monk. We also were lucky to come across a very nice festival in a small town, where we were the only tourists. We were surrounded by children who wanted to speak english with us. And the dancers were very good with wonderful costumes. Also the road was less busy and made traveling a bit easier. So I am very happy that both the driver and guide took a chance with us and rearranged the tour making the Best of an unfortunate accident.
Thank you for arranging a great trip and we are grateful for the wonderful experience of seeing a beautyful country and meeting interesting people. -Gail Fleming

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