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Dear Ugen,
It has been a couple of weeks now since we returned from our 18 day trip to Bhutan. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience in helping to plan and arrange this trip. It was an absolutely wonderful experience in all aspects.

The Jhomolhari Trek was a great adventure — in complete luxury. The trekking crew took excellent care of me and my wife. The cook managed to prepare great dinners every night and the horseman certainly seemed to know every one up and down the valley. We very much enjoyed our small group of 2, it worked very well despite our concerns when we were planning the trip.

The cultural trip following the trek was just as wonderful and gave us some insight into the day to day lives of the Bhutanese people, the monasteries and even the luck we had to be in Thimphu during the coronation of the King. Hotels and food were very nice and exactly as described. Some guide books say, you don’t go to Bhutan for the food, this may be true — but we found that all the great vegetables dishes were fresh, tasty, well prepared and plentiful.
It is always difficult to arrange a trip with a “complete stranger” particularly in a place as far away as Bhutan. The Wind Horse office and you located in Minneapolis certainly made it much easier. Best of all, it all worked out as expected with a number of very nice and pleasant surprises. When we stepped off the plane in Paro the guide and driver were waiting for us and spoiled us for the next 18 days.

Let me wish you personally and all the Wind Horse employees the best for the coming year and hopefully we will be back for an other trek soon.

With best regards

The Jhomolhari Trek was a great adventure — in complete luxury.

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