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Bhutan Tour for James X2 (17th – 25th December 2011)

To Whom it May Concern,

My wife and I have just returned from 8 fantastic days in Bhutan “the land of the Thunder Dragon.” We were fortunate to have chosen to work with “WIND HORSE TOURS, TREKS & EXPEDTIONS” @ www.windhorsetours.com for this fascinating trip. You might say that is was the “luck of the draw” since I reviewed a variety of groups on the Internet and selected them. Many thanks to Ugen for answering my many emails prior to our departure. Over the years we have traveled to more than 50 countries “on our own” never with a guide (with the exception of our Sherpa who accompanied us on the Everest trek years ago) and I was not looking forward to hanging out with a “driver & guide” for 8 days. WOW – was I wrong! Our guide (Numgay) & driver (Dawa) were excellent traveling companions. There are 1,000 photos to be taken along the way and they were very patient when I would ask them to stop & turn the car around for that “special photo” we just passed! The roads in Bhutan are very curvy, narrow and steep – they absolutely require a skilled driver to be able to avoid the occasional cow or yak, deep potholes and speeding supply trucks. From the moment they picked us up at the airport until they dropped back at the airport, 8 days later, they were 100% attentive to our every request. Namgay was particularly well informed with regard to Bhutan’s history and the deep meaning associated with the various deities we encountered in each monastery or temple. Get in shape for your hike to “Tiger’s Nest.” It is well worth the 3 hour plus climb.

The tea break on the way down was much appreciated. If you are seeking a getaway with lots of surprises Bhutan is the place for you since the people and scenery were great. If you are looking for relaxing, sunny days at the beach, in 5 star hotels head to Mexico or Greece. A great cultural adventure and friendly people, in a pristine mountainous environment, await you in Bhutan. This was quality trip at a reasonable price – do not pass it up because of the cost. Bhutan’s government keeps the number of tourists low on purpose but strives to make your experience “high value!” No – I was paid to write these comments – this the 1st time I have ever submitted write up like this for any trip.

This the 1st time I have ever submitted write up like this for any trip.

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