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I first discovered Wind Horse Travel when I booked a Bhutan trip. A companion and I planned a trip that took us from one end of the country to the other, over challenging but very beautiful topography, literally, in some places, to the very end of the road. We were impressed by the way our interests were accommodated, and, despite the remote areas visited, how very easily the trip went. This being the case, when I was planning a trip to Sikkim and Assam in November 2017, and saw that Wind Horse organized treks in Sikkim; I immediately contacted them to see if they were interested in planning. a trip for a single little old lady traveller whose days of advanced trekking were long over, but who still retained a strong interest in adventure travel, in venturing to places less visited, and in exploring the arts and culture of the people who live there. Wind Horse was up to the challenge, creating an itinerary full of diverse experiences that exactly fit my interests. It was an amazing trip through the tribal areas of the Kashi Hills in Megalaya, the festival on Majuli Island, and the tribal areas of the Garo Hills and the Festival of One Hundred Drums in Meghalaya, then on to Sikkim. It was the experience of a lifetime, as, thanks to my guide, Anand I was able to talk to people from all walks of life, getting an understanding of the cultures and peoples that make up these fascinating areas of India.

It was such an exciting and stimulating trip that I returned 2 months later to explore the rest of Sikkim. I have just returned from 3 weeks spent in Sikkim this February 2018, and am still excited about the wonderful experiences that I had exploring the farthest regions of this fascinating state. These 3 trips that I have taken with wind Horse were exceptional, as they were exactly tailored to my interests. I find Wind Horse an excellent company, one which listens to their clients’ needs, and then goes way beyond expectation to ensure that the client is satisfied. As a Canadian, I also appreciated the 1-800 number that serves all of North America. When planning a trip, it is so much better to be able to talk to a company representative, one who listens carefully and is able to answer your questions and offer suggestions.

Janet’s Sikkim Tour ( 3 – 22 Feb, 2018)

  • Person Name Janet Samber Samber
  • From Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Trip Name Sikkim Custom Trip of 20 days.
  • Travelled Date 3 - 22 Feb,2018
  • Hotels Darjeeling - Mount Himalayan Resort.
    Martam (West Sikkim) - Dungay Homestay
    Pelling - Summit Newa Regency
    Kechepelri - Lakeview Homestay.
    Yuksom - Yuksom Residency
    Tashiding - Sanu Homestay
    Kewzing - Kewzing Home stay
    Gangtok - Netuk House
    Rangka - Bustee Farm House
    Aritar - Hotel Aditya
    Yakten - Orchid Homestay
    Pedong - Dadul Homestay
    Kalimpong - Park Hotel
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