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Trip Rajasthan + Rishikesh from (05 -24 Oct)

Dear Amit,
First of all, tks for everything!
I had an wonderful time in India and it made the whole difference the organization of the trip and the quality of the places I stayed.
I felt very safe and well supported by you in every moment, and that was exactly what I was looking for.So, congratulations for such professional work.
The best guest house was definetely Fifu’s GUest HOuse in Jaisalmer. They are very good people as well!
Having a person at the train station for getting you inside the right train and coach was very appreciated. I really think that’s needed.
It was very very good and I will definetely recomend you to my friends that want to go to India!
All the best to you, Amit!
And thank your staff for me as well!

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