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I am a Singaporean and was on a trek to Jangothang Base Camp in late April 2013. By chance, I met your Mr Pema Gyeltshen leading a trekking group heading towards Jangothang Base Camp.

Very unfortunately, my two feet developed very bad blisters. Through my guide, Pema learnt about my adverse feet condition. That first night in Jangothang Base Camp, Pema appeared at our tent with a first-aid kit.

Like a professional medic, he attended to the wounds on my two sore feet. On the morning of the day before he left with his group, he made another surprise visit to our campsite to find out about my feet condition. Again he changed the dressing before he departed with his group. He even gave my guide some medicated plaster and bandages in case I needed them.

I write to highlight that you have in your company an extra-ordinary guide. Mr Pema Gyeltshen did not even know me, but yet unconditionally attended to my most dire medical needs voluntarily. His sincere care and concern over a stranger like me truly display the self-less, kind and friendly attitude of your Bhutanese. To me, he is a model of a tourist guide in your Bhutan tourist industry.

Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Pema Gyeltshen. I am indeed very touched by his action and grateful for his help.

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