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TID 693 From 10.04.14 to 24.04.14

Dear Anand!

We are very sorry for our delay for writing comments and feedback.
Time now is a bit more relaxed, summer holidays already started and for the next 2 month sometimes even you are not on holidays you think somehow you are. You try to call someone or send an email and you get the response that the person you wanted is on holidays for 2 or 3 weeks.
First of all thank you to Windhorse travel and all persons involved for the perfect planning, realization and finish of your trip.

We could it make us simple and easy with our comments and just say, it was wonderful, excellent and we can recommend you in all conscience.

But that would be too easy.
So we will start with our comments:

Booking procedure: best score
I sometimes was a bit nasty with my questions and all were answered in the best way, thank you J
Welcome in Paro: best score – what a surprise to meet with the people we exchanged so many emails
Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: very interesting book and a wonderful memory of Bhutan
Invitation to the evening event: we enjoyed it a lot to meet all of you and had a really nice chat with the Australian couple. Good food, nice drinks and wonderful mask dances

Tenzingling Hotel:
Good hotel, nice and big room. One problem is the heater, which has not the power to warm up the room. We were happy with our sleeping bags, without I would have killed you J.
The Studiosus group also complained about the cold rooms.
Why not to mention that it could be a good decision to bring a sleeping bag in case you are a person who is bit chilled through.

The food was excellent, we enjoyed it very much.

Festival: If you have a thermo cushion with you, you would feel comfortable. There were a lot of tourists equipped with cushions. So why not to mention it in the tour program.

Tiger Nest: Bhutan is a country where environment protection has a high value. So why there are no dustbins on the way to the Tiger Nest or if you find one, it is awfully cramped and no one takes care to empty them. Not a very pleasant impression.
Hotels in general: We were very satisfied with all the hotels we have had.

Tour guides and drivers: Excellent, reliable, handsome, good drivers, skilled tour guides.
Kalimpong: We were there on a Sunday and most of the shops were closed and also the orchid garden, which was in the tour program. Would be nice to mention, that shops are closed on Sundays and try to check if this kind of gardens are open.

Photos: As promised, we will send the one or other not common photo. But Franz is still in working process and not finished with brush them up with PhotoShop.
Well, I hope I have done a good job in commenting and hope to hear from you.
Please say hello to Jambay.
Best regards from Vienna

Thank you to Windhorse travel and all persons involved for the perfect planning, realization and finish of your trip.

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