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Nancy & Richard Bhutan Introduction Tour 19 Apr-26 April 2011.

Dear Jambay and Ugan,
My husband and I are having the most amazing journey. I cannot even wait to get home to tell you how wonderful this trip is and how lucky we feel to have chosen Windhorse for our tour. The itinerary is filled with fascinating and magnificent sights and adventures. The hotels were wonderful. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. We feel so lucky and appreciative to have had the company, guidance and expert competence of our guide, Kinley Tenzin and our driver, Yam Raj.

Kinley is a thoughtful and perceptive guide. He went out of his way to see that we had everything we could want and experience everything that we were interested in doing to the fullest. He listened to every wish that we expressed and made them all come true. For example, when I expressed my interest in astrology, he located a monk who specialized in astrological readings. When the monk advised me to get statues of particular Buddhas, he patiently and determinately took me to place after place until I found the perfect ones. Then we went to monasteries to locate a Lama who would place prayers inside the statues! I am sure that there are not many people who would take the trouble to individualize our trip the way that he has done. He made so many gestures of generosity and compassion. He has protected us and looked after us with so much care. For example, when my husband did not feel well one night, he located some cold medicine and told us to call him anytime during the night in case My husband should need medical attention or any such thing. There are so many instances of ways that he extended himself. He interpreted conversations between monks and myself, requested food preferences at each restaurants, and the list of thoughtful acts goes on and on. Kinley’s depth of knowledge about the history of Bhutan and of Buddhism is amazing. I don’t know how so much information can be retained by one person. He has been able to answer every question we asked, and informed us of so much more than we could have imagined. This journey has been a great learning experience. We have a far better understanding of the culture, the history and the goodness of the Bhutanese people.

We have never seen anybody drive with such skill and professionalism as Yam Raj. Both my husband and I are typically nervous passengers, but we both felt totally safe and secure as Yam calmly and patiently drove upon challenging roads, around cliffs and steep inclines without incidence. He was so completely focused as he drove. What a great relief, especially coming from America, where people sometimes drive with one eye on their phone as they text or talk! He didn’t take his focus off of his responsibility for a second. And coming from New York, where people can be so selfish and angry as they drive, what a wonderful change it was to watch as he considerately slowed down for others to pass. He remained alert and precise as he drove for over five hours from one place to another. We are very lucky that his hands are the ones that our lives were placed in. Plus, he is an extremely sweet, lovely person. We totally enjoyed his company.

We are so happy that we chose Windhorse for this most amazing journey. We’ll keep these wonderful memories forever. Thank you!

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