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Three Himalayan Kingdom TID:663 (Oct 07-20 2013) Hi Anand, We would like to make a few comments. The room we stayed at Kyichu Hotel in Lhasa, China was the worst in the trip. Maybe we were just unlucky. The bathroom was dirty with molds. The water temperature of the shower was hard to control and unstable that one could easily get scalded. The room had no AC. When we complained the room was cold, the hotel staff put a portable heater with humidifier in the room, which was good and much appreciated. Still it was hard to get the right room temperature from the heater, either the room was not warm enough or too hot for a good night’s sleep.

Potala Palace is huge and has many steps to climb. Will it be less taxing if the visit is scheduled a day later, after having more time to become acclimatized to the altitude, though everyone is anxious to visit Potala Palace the first thing in Lhasa?

We did a few day hikes to see the natural beauty of Bhutan. Some members in the group are fast hikers while others slow hikers. To keep the group together for safety reasons, should the guide lead with the slowest hiker to set the pace? In case fast hikers do not want to keep their pace with the slowest hikers and hike ahead, should the guide stay at the rear of the group? That’s our opinion we could be wrong.

Theguide (sorry we forgot the names of all guides) we had in Lhasa is very knowledgeable about Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. He is a passionate and enthusiastic person. We greatly appreciated his service which was informative, friendly and accommodating. His only weakness is his English. We understand as we have been fore-warned about the language skills of Tibetan guides. All in the entire trip was a pleasant, memorable experience that we really enjoyed.

Ken and Ngai So Chu

All in the entire trip was a pleasant, memorable experience that we really enjoyed.

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