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I enjoyed my trip with Wind horse Travel immensely.
The guide & driver were excellent. I am still amazed at how Rajeem(sp.) was able to provide safe & secure travel in spite of bumpy roads, traffic, construction delays, animals on the road, people on the road, etc. Penjour was outstanding as a guide. Whenever there was the smallest problem he seemed to appear out of nowhere to resolve it.
My favorite memories are of the interactions with the Bhutanese people – we stopped on the road to visit with schoolchildren, we met a young woman weaving at the Takin Sanctuary, watching the students work at the Art School, & watching the monks ‘bless’ your offices. This was unexpected & felt as if we had just ‘stepped’ into a part of your day.
My favorite hotel was the Tashi Namgay Resort. It had the best location, the best food & an excellent staff. I had a soothing hot stone bath here that I recommend to anyone.
The National Museum, Paro festival & the Tatshang walk were highlights. Penjour was very helpful in guiding us through these experiences.
If I were to visit again, I would add a small trek in the beginning to see a little more of the countryside.

We stopped on the road to visit with schoolchildren.

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