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TID 8650 March 25 – April 08, 2015 (Tashi Gyalteshen – Guide)
First of all, let me say that i enjoyed the trip very much.Positives were the beauty of the country and friendliness of people in general.I think a 14 day trip really is worth it and through your choice of sights offers a great insight of the country.
I  thought hotels in general were very good and the services of driver and guide as well. The car was always clean and the driving of the driver was very safe and skilful.
Tashi always explained the sights we were visiting well. Generally he provided answers to all our questions in a very sovereign and knowledgeable way. He also invited us into his home which was a highlight and very much appreciated.  Also Tashi’s calmness is a good asset.
In terms of potential improvement, I see three areas.
1) Considering the government charges a rather large daily fee they should definitely ensure better roads, especially in the east. Also, wifi network is quite bad. In most hotels, the connection was quite weak and the hotels claim this is due to the country’s network. Wifi often is the only means of contact with home and works better in every other country in Asia I know. I suggest to submit thesr suggestions to the tourist board
2 ) If you have a small group then i would book them into smaller boutique hotels in instead of thr big hotels where we stayed. Although quality of hotels was fine, they are quite impersonal and not very cosy. Same goes for restaurants. In addition i suggest to offer more special events, like a picnic or two (we had one picnic and that was great), more longer hikes, homestay dinner, sunrise visit to dzong and so on. These ideas would really lift your itineraries and just require a bit of creativity.
3) I understand our guide and driver knew each other and we did spend a lot of time in the car but they should be careful talking to each other continuously.  As a foreigner you don’t understand so it sometimes feels if they are talking about you especially if they talk amongst themselves after talking to you. I am sure there is no bad intention and of course they can exchange a few words but they should be careful.  In the western world, this is considered impolite! Other than that i would like to say once more i really liked the trip!!
Thanks, kristine

Positives were the beauty of the country and friendliness of people in general.

  • Person Name Kristen D
  • From Witikonerstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Trip Name Bhutan Traverse in reverse from East to West
  • Travelled Date March 25 - April 08,2015
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Samdrup Jongkhar, Mountain Hotel
    Trashigang, Lingkhar Lodge
    Mongar, Wangchuk Hotel
    Jakar, Mountain Resort
    Wangdiphodrang, Hotel Y.T
    Thimphu, Khang Residency
    Paro, Tashi Namgay Resort
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