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Bhutan & Tibet Sept & Oct 2006

I am so glad to have the opportunity to tell you how much Ann and I enjoyed our trip. Tibet: It was Nobu and the first was Dente (spellings all wrong probably). Norbu was particularly interesting and so smart. He has a farm outside the city, but lives in the city with his family. He goes to school during the winter. Our cute female guide in Chengdu also, went to school to learn more about the tourist industry.

Peldon, in Bhutan, was ideal. He was considerate and thoughtful of all of us and fun to be with. He certainly knew his history. We laughed because it all was so strange to us, but finally by the end of the tour we remembered most names and places and only because he repeated it over and over. Goodu, our driver, was unbelievable. As you know, those roads over there require all of the attention of the driver and he was able to deliver us in one piece!!! Such a nice young man and wants so much out of life.

Nepal: Our guide, BaaBoo (spelling) was so helpful, was really very, very good.

Thanks again for everything, I will certainly travel with Wind Horse again.

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