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Stein & Mason Introduction to Bhutan & India Tour (Nov. 17- Dec. 03 2011)

Dear Ugen ,Jambay and team,
I’m not a big fan of public forums but did want to give you some feedback re our trip. We had a great time and were looked after very well in India and Bhutan. Transfers went smoothly, our guides and drivers were terrific and the content was all that we could ask for. We have some wonderful memories and would definitely recommend Windhorse Tours as a “go-to” company.

I would, however, like to comment on a few of our hotel experiences.The lack of hot water was a problem at Ashok Country Resort, Delhi (our second stay) and Tenzinling Resort, Paro. Otherwise, staff were very nice.
Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur was lovely but our hair-dryer caught fire on the first night. Our request for another one was ignored (we had called Reception twice) and we only got a replacement after personally going down to Reception. This all took more than 3 hours. This sounds a bit petty but is of utmost importance when you are hanging around with wet hair! On the plus side, the restaurant staff were very attentive.

Hotel Marina Agra caters mainly to large groups and the individual traveller is virtually ignored. We could not be accommodated for dinner in the main dining area because of groups. It is also in a very inconvenient location so I would not recommend sending anyone there.

Reception at Hotel Phuntsho Pelri, Thimphu were extremely unfriendly but the restaurant staff were terrific.
Our room at Meri Phuensum Resort, Punakha was unsatisfactory so we did not unpack but immediately requested another one. We were instantly denied but things changed when I asked them to contact Tashi, our guide. Suddenly we were shown two other rooms, one of which was quite satisfactory. Other than that our stay was very pleasant.

None of these things spoiled our trip but I just wanted to mention the above since unsatisfactory accommodation can really upset some people. I also want to add that the staff at Palace Heights in Delhi were extremely helpful.
Oh, the only glitch was the proposed hike at Dochu La Pass. As it was virtually our second day in Bhutan, we had not yet acclimatized to the altitude so we only went half-way. Altitude was not a problem by the time we went to Tiger’s Nest which, of course, was one of the highlights.

Thanks again for your assistance in planning this trip.

With best regards,

We had a great time and were looked after very well in India and Bhutan

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