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I apologize for the late reply but coming back home after many days implied a lot of things to be done so  I was extremely busy. I was ( and am..) really enthusiastic about my trip because I discovered an incredible country so rich in nature and culture as very few other ones I ever visited. As I told you I was definitely not happy with the hotel in Punakha which was less than a second choice but for one  night it was ok. Also chuumey was not so impressive but the place itself was very nice. All the other ones were good Running from the ( obvious…) excellence of Naksel to the fantastic location and structure  of Gangtey palace and so on, but what was really fascinating and lovable was the friendliness and the attention in service which I noticed and remarked in everybody . From the staff in each place : this is something I didn’t find very often in my travels. As for Tashi and Fren they were extremely nice and friendly , helpful and always trying to help in solving little problems and inconveniences which might occur. I would definitely recommend both of them for future customers. 

It’s really a pity that the country is not so popular for tourism (Many friends asked me WHERE was Bhutan…) even if for me  it was great like that since I hate big tourist groups… But for the country in itself I think you should try to make it more popular as a destination because more people should be able to enjoy its treasures…
For my part I will try to encourage people to go there !

Snow Leopard Trek with cultural Tour ( Customised )

  • Hotels Paro - Hotel Gangtey Palace
    Trekking - Trek Camp
    Paro - NAK-SEL boutique hotel& spa
    Punakha - Punakha Residency
    Bumthang - Chumey Nature Resort
    Bumthang - Mountain Resort
    Paro - Tiger Nest Resort
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