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Three Himalayan Kingdom – Aug 13 – 26, 2015 

Anand -We have been very,  very busy catching up and have been unable to respond.

We enjoyed the trip very much,  including Nepal.    The quality of the guides and drivers was very high.   In particular,  we liked the Yak & Yedi and Osel Hotel/Resorts.   The food was also was particularly good at those two locations.

Dawa in Tibet is particularly experienced as guide.    All guides were informed and competent, as mentioned.    The driver and guide in Bhutan took good care of Ed when he could not walk to Tiger’s Nest.   He had his best local meal then at local restaurant.

We did have a near disaster in the beginning.   I have been meaning to write Ugen about this.   It is around the Tibet permit.    Please also inform Ugen.   First, it took Margo & Laurie a long time to locate it at the CITIC Hotel.    They might mention that.    Second, the 4 of us went to the BJ Airport and checked in together.    We showed the permit.    We got very separated going through security.    I told Margo and Laurie to go ahead as we were walking more slowly.    They had the permit.    Security did not ask them for the permit.    Security did ask us and we did not have it.    Immigration held us back, flight was delayed.   Finally Immigration assigned someone to go through security with us and see permit at plane.   When we got to gate, plane was all boarded and delayed.   Then Immigration guy said he was not authorized to board plane.    No one was allowed off.    We really thought we were going to miss the tour.   Finally,  after much discussion between gate agent and immigration,  we were allowed to board.   Immigration did not see permit.     Laurie suspected something was wrong and I think our names were called.   Laurie showed permit to staff on plane.

Immigration is inconsistent in their practice.   Group hss to stay together through security.    Please include that in instructions.

We are glad we also visited Nepal.

Hope this helps.   Margo & Laurie were good travel companions too.

Three Himalayan Kingdom review (August, 2015)

  • Hotels Beijing (China) - Citic Hotel, Beijing Airport
Lhasa (Tibet) - Kyichhu Hotel 
Kathmandu (Nepal) -Hotel Yak and Yeti

    Thimphu - Hotel Osel
Punakhha - Meri Phuensum Hotel
Paro - Tashi Namgay Resort

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