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Village Tour of Bhutan for Ms. Susan Thomas & Son TID 8626: Dec. 21 – 29, 2014

I just returned a few days ago.  Bhutan was part of a 2 month trip.  I do plan to write a review on Trip Advisor.
Both Tashi and Sonam were terrific. I have hired guides and drivers around the world and they rate with the best.  We loved the entire trip, especially the Haa Valley.  Lechuna Heritage Hotel is a gem.
The only problem we encountered was with Tashi Namgay Resort.  We stayed there our first night in a new room with radiant heating in the floor.  It was a lovely room so we were really looking forward to spending our last 2 nights there.  Unfortunately we had a terrible room on our return.  It was very large which would have been nice but it was below zero (fahrenheit) and they had one pathetic heater that you could put your hand on when it was “working.” Tashi immediately ordered us another heater which was much better.  Unfortunately, the electrical system couldn’t handle two heaters so it blew a fuse during the night.  Not knowing a fuse had blown, I spent the last half of the night shivering.  Tashi got us another room for the last night which was better as it had electrical blankets.  The fault was entirely the hotel’s.
I will post my review in the next few days.  My name on Trip Advisor is Engphile.

We loved the entire trip, especially the Haa Valley. Lechuna Heritage Hotel is a gem.

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    Punakha - Meri Phuensum Resort
    Thimphu - Khang Residency
    Haa - Lechuna Heritage Hotel
    Paro - Tashi Namgay Resort
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