Distance & Altitude Chart of Places on Tibetan Plateau

Distance & Altitude Chart of Places on Tibetan Plateau

Altitude, Distance and approximate driving time of Places on Tibetan Plateau.

Distance & Altitude Chart of places on Tibetan Plataeu (Approx.)

From To Distance Driving time
Lhasa(3600m) Gongkar Airport (3650m) 65(km) 1 hours
Lhasa Yamdrok Tsho 105(km) 2 hours
Lhasa Tsedang 170(km) 4 hrs
Lhasa Samye (3556m) 300(km) 2 hrs
Lhasa Garden (3800m) 57(km) 1 hrs
Lhasa Namtsho 250(km) 4 hrs
Yamdrok Tsho(4488m) Gyantse 162(km) 6 hours
Gyantse(3860m) Shigatse 93(km) 2 hrs/50 min
Shigatse(3860m) New Tingri (Shegar) 327(km) 7 hrs/30 min
New Tingri(4300m) Zhangmu(2300m) 240(km) 2 hrs
New Tingri (Shegar) Rongbuk 85(km) 1 hrs/40 min
Shigatse Saga 495(km) 7 hrs/30 min
Tingri Saga 312(km) 5 Hrs
Saga(3700m) Prayang 255(km) 7 hrs/30 min
Kathmandu(1400m) Zhangmu 125(Km) 5 hrs
Namtsho(4,718 m) Nakchu 162(km) 3 hrs
Nakchu(4500m) Amdo(3700m) 160(km) 3 hrs/20 min
Namtsho Gyantse 370(km) 8hrs/40 min
Rongbuk(5000m) Zhangmu 325(km) 6 hrs
Nyalam(2300m) Saga 240(km) 4 hrs to 5 hrs
Saga Manasarover(4560m) 560(km) 7 hrs/30 min
Lhatse(3800m) Saga 300(km) 3 hrs
Tsedang(3540m) Garden 85(km) 2 hrs
Lhasa Nagchu 335(km) 7 hrs
Chengdu(4000m) Luding 271(km) 4 hrs/35 min
Luding(1330m) Lithang( 4014m) 332(km) 7 hrs/29 min
Lhasa Bayi(2900m) 490(km) 8 hrs
Prayang(4500m) Darchen(4575m) 325(km) 5 hrs/50 min
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