Grading treks walks in Himalayas for Wind Horse Tours

Grading treks walks in Himalayas for Wind Horse Tours

grade Windhorse ToursGrading a trek or walking holiday is very subjective – after all, one man’s hill is another man’s Everest! So use this as a guideline in good faith for trekking, hiking in Bhutan, India, Nepal & Tibet Himalayas




Blue – 1-3 Easy
Suitable for most people in good health, these trips include short walking which is predominantly on good paths. Grade 1 is the least demanding trips with little walks suitable for almost all people (so long as they not handicapped) and Grade 3 being hardest among the easy treks or walks, which may involve 1 to 5 hours of walking on undulating terrain.
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Green (4-6 Moderate)
Suitable for reasonably fit individuals, such as weekend walkers. Holidays at this grade generally include relatively short walking days at moderate altitude, on good paths and tracks. There can be the occasional more difficult day. To enjoy these adventures we suggest reasonable fitness and health, a moderately active lifestyle and have a positive attitude. Two or three times a week, we recommend you walk on undulating terrain for an hour or more, for at least 2 months prior to departure.
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Yellow (7-9: Strenuous)
A blend of moderate and tough grade treks, this level suits experienced and fit hikers who are confident trekking for long periods on difficult terrain and at high altitudes, with demanding ascents and descents. Holidays at this grade are suitable for regular hill walkers who are used to extended days and can involve difficult and sometimes glaciated terrain, as well as lengthy periods at high altitude.
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Red (10-12 Challenging – Expeditions)
These adventures are often in isolated areas and at extreme altitude, and therefore classed as expeditions. They involve either extreme trekking and or basic mountaineering. While 10 may be graded as extreme trekking, 11 and 12 are classed as basic or intermediate level mountaineering respectively. Expect remote and poorly defined trails in variable weather conditions for up to 10 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude). This may include several demanding high pass crossings and evacuation may be difficult from remote areas. Participants should be competent and self-sufficient in the outdoors and have experience in multi day trekking at altitude. Prior experience on multiday Strenuous treks is highly recommended.
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