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Windhorse Meaning

Lung-ta, which translates as Wind Horse, is the name given to a particular kind of prayer flag, seen flying in its hundreds from mountain tops, hill sides, high passes, near rivers, across bridges, on people’s homes and around holy sites.

wheeelWhen the wind catches the flags, the prayers printed on them are carried on the breeze and distributed for the benefit of all living things. The purpose of Lung-ta prayer flags is to entreat the Wind Horse to intercede on our behalf, by petitioning Buddhist deities and protectors, to give us good fortune and to remove obstacles from our way.

The flags normally have a horse in the middle and one of the majestic mythical animals in each of the four corners, the snow lion, garuda, dragon and tiger, which represent heavenly qualities.

We adopted the name Wind Horse because it was inspirational, representing a selfless ideal. The sight of prayer flags blowing in the wind, in the Himalayan environment, fills the viewer with a sense of peace and serenity, which you can experience too, when you book your tour with Wind Horse.