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How difficult is it to trek in Bhutan ?

Bhutan Trek Difficulty

Any trek in Bhutan is physically demanding because of its length, uphill and downhill and changes in elevation. On most treks, the daily gain of elevation is less than 500m (approximately 1650ft) in about 18km or 11miles, although 3300ft or 1000m ascents are possible on some days. You can always take plenty of time during the day to cover this distance, take time for rest, but the trek days in Bhutan are long, requiring six to nine hours of walking and you do have to keep moving to get to camp before dark.

Many of the treks are along the ancient trade routes, on which the trails may be rocky, sometimes made muddy by the hooves of passing horses, yaks and cattle. It is possible to encounter snow, especially on high passes or rain in the valleys. Like any the other parts of Himalayas, the descents are long, steep and unrelenting and rarely a level stretch of trail. However, if you are an experienced walker and often hike 12 to 16 miles a day with a backpack, a trek in Bhutan should prove no difficulty. On the other hand, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the hiking can be if you carry only a light backpack and do not have to worry about setting up a camp, finding water and preparing meals. Previous experience in hiking and living outdoors is helpful as you plan your trek in Bhutan.

Easy to moderate treks in Bhutan

  • Bumthang Owl trek
  • Drukpath Tsaluna Trek
  • Drukpath Trek if done in 5 days or more
  • Haa to Paro trek
  • Samtegang trek
  • Nabji Korphu Trek


Moderately Strenuous Trek

  • Snow Leopard & Chomolhari Trek
  • Laya & Gasa Trek
  • Dagala Trek
  • Merak & Sakten Trek

Strenuous Trek

  • Snowman Trek