Mountain Biking in Bhutan

Mountain Biking in Bhutan

Mountain biking in Bhutan is relatively new, but within the span of short time it has gained much momentum among the locals as well as visitors.
Wind Horse has been offering limited number of bicycle tours in Bhutan for a decade but since last year, after some of Partners and Team members (during our annual Team Building Get Together) rode mountain bikes, Wind Horse has decided to make a strong commitment to encourage Mountain Biking for both locals and visitors to Bhutan.

Our first step was to encourage this among our staffs, especially among our guides. Wind Horse has helped our guides in purchasing their bikes, gears and hired professionals to train them in maintenance and repairs. We built a bike parking ramps outside our office as our long term commitment to biking.

Since then we have been exploring Bhutan on the bikes during our down time, riding along some of the trails where people had never expected to see bikes. Every one of us is so excited and is eager to start a local biking club that will encourage others in the country and make Bhutan a biking friendly country.

Wind Horse owns several latest TREK & GIANT mountain bikes along with some gears for our guests to rent at negligible fees. We have custom fitted 4WD Pick-Up vehicles to carry these bikes, along with gears and supplies as support vehicle for mountain biking trips. We also provide option to camp in our Deluxe tents in far flung places. We carry basic first-aid medical kit, food and fuel for riding off-road location.

Our Packaged Mountain Biking Holidays are NOT meant to be an extreme sport. They are simply a way to stay active, cover larger areas than by walking, see remoter places and yet be with nature. Our Biking trips tend to focus on less traffic road, country back road, Farm roads and wide walking trails that leads through forests, farmland and quaint villages, affording a sneak peek into their ways of life amidst bountiful nature and savoring these experience on slow, steady pace of your bike and whenever you cannot ride any longer, just hop onto our support vehicle. For those who are looking to do serious mountain biking, contact us and we will be happy to customize based on your experience.

Bhutan is a natural Mountain Biking Country with its environment, landscape, villages, valleys, mountain passes and so forth. Its’ not so good road for driving is great for bikes and with recent addition of many farm roads, that are often not passable even for 4WD vehicles is perfect for our mountain bikes.

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