Jaipur is becoming a major hub

With several airlines connecting its flights to Jaipur, Tour Operator such as us, are welcoming this much needed development. In addition to the existing flights to Rajasthan’s cities from Jaipur, it is now linked to Kolkata, Ahemedabad, Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities including Delhi. Recently Kingfisher Airlines also announced a daily flight between Jaipur and Goa, connecting two of India’s prime tourist destination. This would save our clients travel time and expense to go to Delhi and then take the flight to Goa and avoid Delhi’s exorbitant hotel price and over whelming congestion.

 Jaipur is becoming a major hub

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    this has been written very beautifully but u should also mention that y r these animals getting extinct is these areas like the ppl there use there skin and all stuff like that


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