Druk Air requests reconfirmation 72 hrs prior to takeoff.

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On Druk Air’s website, they state, “All Passengers are advised to reconfirm their flights at least 72 Hours before scheduled departure.”

We purchased our Druk flight (BKK to PBH) through Wind Horse, and we have received e-tickets from you. Since we might NOT have Internet or phone access the week before our flight, we might not be able to reconfirm with Druk ourselves.

Therefore, does Wind Horse reconfirm Druk flights for Wind Horse’s clients?
If so, do we need to send you a request, or is this something you do automatically for all Wind Horse’s flying customers?

Ans – If you have to go to places devoid of internet, which disable you to reconfirm 72 hrs in prior. If you let us know
then we can do it for you

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