How do you dress in Bhutan and what kind of dress code is expected of visitors?

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their traditional dress called Kira during Tsechu

One of the unique identities of Bhutan is the national dress that men and women wear. Men wear a “Gho” which is almost like a bathrobe that is lifted to the knee and tied on the waist with a beautifully woven belt “Kera”. Women’s dress is called “Kira” that is an intricately woven textile piece about the size of a bed cover. It is wrapped around the body and held onto shoulders with gold plated silver broach. The upper jacket worn is called the “Tego” which is mostly made out of silk. All citizens are required to wear the national dress in public, government offices, temples, schools and formal gatherings. Visitors are advised to avoid wearing too short shorts, low cut shirts and any kind of dress that expose or reveal. While entering or visiting temples, hats and shoes have to be removed and while entering offices or in formal meeting with officials, hats has to removed. Formal dress as such is not required while traveling as tourists in Bhutan.

Men in traditional dress Windhorse Tours
Man in traditional Dress “Gho”
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