Which Hotels do you use in Bhutan?

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In Bhutan there are constant changes in the hotels and everything seems to be happening so quickly. There is always some new ones being built and sometimes they are better than old ones. Some old hotel change hands and the new management may develop or decline. We keep abreast of these changes and use the best available in the range considering its location, facilities and services provided.

You should note that during the peak tourist’s seasons, when there are multiple festivals and it is good weather, we face a crunch of rooms. At such times, we recommend that you book really early on. Even with your early booking, some hotels will not provide us confirmation right away. We have to work with them all the way, checking every day. The problem of Bhutan is quite unique; there are plenty of rooms when it is low season and everyone comes when it is popular time.

At Wind Horse our guest is at the forefront. You can be assured that it is in our interest to do the best and send you happy, as so much of our business is based on you spreading good words for us. We handpicked hotels based on its location, amenties, ambience, traditional character.

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