Tall Trees

Munnar, Kerala, India


Set amongst stunningly verdant woodlands and cardamom plantations, The Tall Trees is a quintessential nature hideaway. 66 acres of virginal wilderness entrancingly held together by the overarching presence of trees.
The 19 rooms accommodation at The Tall Trees has been designed to take advantage of the undulating lay and expansiveness of the land. Well appointed cottages-some magically poised on stilts- are kept at a discreet distance so as to reinforce the sense of privacy and exclusiveness. Every cottage is endowed with a spacious balcony, presenting a magnificent view of the enchanting environment. There are Luxury, Deluxe and Standard cottages. Luxury Cottages have 2 bedrooms, Large living/dining with bath and 2 balconies. Deluxe cottages have 1 bedroom, Living/dining with bath and 2 balconies. Standard Cottages have 1 spacious bedroom with attached bath and large balcony