Nepal Tour Guides

Nepal Tour Guides

Guides are indispensable because they make your journey safer, smoother, and more enjoyable. They play a prime role in making your holiday fascinating and pleasant. Besides, they are experts in their fields: they know the local language and the area. There are different guides in different areas of expertise like cultural tour guides, trekking guides, mountain guides, peak climbing guides, rafting guides, and birding guide. Some Guides are also expert in their own region, having local connections.

All tour and trek guides are licensed by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management(NATHM) and are members of the tourist guide association of Nepal(TURGAN). They go through both practical and theoretical training. The NATHM and Nepal Mountain Academy(NMA) provide training for tour and trekking guides. Trekking guides also get training in an emergency situation like altitude sickness, first aid, and rescue methods. Besides English, they also take language courses in German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and other languages.

All our guides and field members are hard-working, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work. Below are some of our tour guides and field members:  We go beyond to make sure that each of our Guides are not only professional in their fields of expertise, but we try our best to make sure they are honest, hard working and humane.

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Difference with Windhorse

Wind Horse Tours is well established adventure travel outfitter since 1998. We specialise in small group journeys and personalised custom private trips to Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Guide Books, Bhutan Tourism and several popular travel organisation recognises Wind Horse Tours as a leading tour operator for the region.

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Effortless Booking

Simple, user-friendly steps for seamless and stress-free reservation experience.

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Top Guides

We use select Few Guides who embody studiousness, honesty, empathy, and genuine passion for travel

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Good Network

With our well-connected local network, your travel experience will be seamlessly smooth.

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Priced Right

Fair Prices, ensuring value for money and satisfying travel experience.

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