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Back Waters Of Kerala

Kerala is undoubtedly blessed with a unique feature called the backwaters. Kerala backwater is a broad stretch of waterway that is a lasting source of livelihood and tourism for the state. Other than being the rippling beauty surrounded by the tall palm and coconut trees, the backwaters in Kerala is the reason that draw thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. You feel elated by the green surroundings, the small villages, and the vibrant people up for work. The sunset is a beautiful sight hard to miss during your visit to the state. While the serenity calms you down, the journey remains the most spirited one. In a wink of an eye, you are transported to a paradise that leaves you craving for more. You suddenly have your self, set to explore the inner beauty of the land while you relax in a houseboat. The houseboats are large all-wood vessel, which have the traditional name of the “ketuvalloms” or houseboats. You have the opportunity to dine, drink, relax, enjoy a massage, or watch the beauty of the place right from a room. The rooms are often air-conditioned, have fire safety equipments, a general manager, cook, and chefs. The largest stretch of Kerala backwater is between Vembanad and Kumarakom.