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Chaturbhuj Temple

Constructed between the years 1558 and 1573 by Raja Madhukar, the Chaturbhuj Temple is a bold concept and as enormous as any European cathedral. One of the city’s greatest attractions is the Chaturbhuj Temple, which is situated right opposite the Raja Mahal. Dedicated to the four-armed deity, Chaturbhuj (chaturbhuj literally means four-armed), the temple has plenty of light and space inside, a feature unusual for a Hindu temple. While earlier temples had fairly small enclosures, the Chaturbhuj Temple has a huge cross-shaped congregation hall that caters to devotees of the Krishna-Bhakti cult, who throng the complex. Conical shikharas (spires) crown the sanctuary of the spacious Chaturbhuj Temple, which is similar to the Kushak Mahal in Chander