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Elephant Ride At Amber

Undoubtedly, an elephant ride is the most regal way of exploring the grandeur of Rajasthan, since nothing can even come closer to the majesty of this creature. It is of no wonder the emperors and kings of bygone era used elephants for their journeys. You can experience elephant riding and arrange for an elephant tour at the many elephant camps in Rajasthan. One such example is the Jaipur Elephant Camp on the picturesque and scenic land in the neighboring jungles of Amber. Travel to Rajasthan and explore the quite and peaceful bushy countryside of Amber on an elephant ride. Indeed, a prime tourist attraction is enjoying a elephant ride all the way to the top of the Amber Fort. Elephant Ride in Amber Fort is a thrilling experience. Apart from providing a royal feeling, elephant ride makes the trip even more spectacular and memorable. In fact, the best way to travel across Amber Fort is a ride on the elephant’s back. On the elephant’s back one can reach each and every corner of this massive fort without any problem.