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Guruvayur also spelt Guruvayoor is situated 80km off Cochin and 30km northwest of Trichur or Thrisssur. It is famous for Sri Krishna temple, which is perhaps the most famous in Kerala and popular pilgrim destination. It is one of the busiest temples of South India for Hindu believers. Non Hindus are not allowed to visit inside of the temple. But for foreign tourist more than the inside, outside of the temple is more interesting. The real colors of india is seen in one place with people from various parts of the country, shop, the holy energy around the temple. The temple's elephants are seen at Punnathur Kotta Elephant Farm, located about 5kms off the temple area with approx 55 Elephants, one of the largest farms of its kind. Punathuur Kotta and Guruvayoor are definitely worth it. These areas are also very popular for state's most vibrant temple festival scene, including Elephant Race (from Nov till mid-May) and number of schools and institution that nurture its performing arts.