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Keoladeo Ghana National Park || UNESCO World Heritage Bird Sanctuary

This magnificent bird haven in actual came into being paradoxically as a duck shooting preserve for Maharaja Suraj Mahl of Bharatpur. He transformed the shallow depression formed by the confluence of River Gambhir and River Banganga into a reservoir by damming the rainwater in monsoons. Flooding of water created shallow wetland ecosystem causing it to be a perfect habitat for an astounding variety of birds. The park that was a hunting preserve for the Maharaja and the British and continued to be so till 1964, after which the hunting here was banned. In 1985, it was listed it as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is recognized as the World’s most important bird breeding and feeding grounds, and vital wintering area for aquatic birds. 364 species of birds has been recorded within the park’s 29sq. km. The best time to visit the park is from October to February, when migratory birds can be seen. The Park is 3km south of the city.