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Mapusa Market || Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa, a small town huddled around the Mount (Alto), 13 kms away from Panaji, has been the market hub of North Goa since ancient times. This is fully crowded and lively being loaded with wide variety shopping, as every inch of place is booked by sellers given a very little space for buyers to move since regular stalls are booked with temporary mats and boards. You’ll find all kind of requirements from lottery stalls to barbers shops, fruits stalls to vegetable stalls, there is fish street as well as dry fish stalls with all kinds of fish. You’ll find all types of fruits and as well as vegetables, attractively displayed some of them being Moira Bananas, Mangoes, Chikkus, Watermelons, pumpkins, cabbage well depending on seasons. There is also a spice street and bakery section. Different types of handicrafts made of coir, clothes stalls, glass bangles, sausages, channa baskets, meat market are added features of the Mapusa Market. Every place you’ll find bars and restaurants or tea stalls serving refreshments.