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National Gandhi Museum || Gandhi Memorial

National Gandhi Museum, Opposite Rajghat in Delhi. Established in 1959 (At this particular location). The Ganhi Museum has an extremely impressive collection of books, journals and documents, audio-visual materials, exhibitions, photographs, relics, memorabilia and art pieces that are related to Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Indian Nation. The place is an excellent place for the researchers and students belonging to Gandhian thoughts and Indian Freedom struggle. The museum houses a very well maintained library, which has one of the finest collections of books and documents on Mahatma Gandhi and Indian freedom movement. Besides it also has in its kitty, around 30,000 photocopies of manuscripts like telegrams, letters and notes written to or by Mahatma Gandhi. It store many of the things Gandhi Ji used in his lifetime such as his slippers, books, utensils, spectacles, bedding and Jail bowl (Yeravada). But the most prized possession is the stick he used to undertake the famous Dandi March during Salt Satyagraha. It also has a room especially dedicated to the sad incident of his assassination. It contains the pocket watch, blood stained dhoti and shawl worn by Mahatma Gandhi when he was assassinated and bullets that killed him. The museum also has an audio-visual section, which is accompanied by Gandhian literature section from where you can purchase CDs, cassettes, tapes, records (speeches of Gandhi Ji) as well as books on and by Mahatma Gandhi.