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Rajiv Gandhi Park || A beautiful Garden

Rajeev Gandhi Park is fast becoming a major tourist and local attraction because of its unique look and strategic location. Beautiful lakes and gardens are the hallmark of Udaipur. Be it quality or quantity, Udaipur is way ahead. The distinguished feature of gardens here is that most of them are made in locations where even the concept of a garden is inconceivable. Be it Nehru garden which is situated in the centre of Fateh sagar, Moti Magri which is developed on a hill, or the recently developed Rajeev Gandhi Park which also is on a hill, all have added value of being situated at a different location than a normal garden. The view of the park and the view from the park, both present an exotic scene. The design of garden is such that most part can be seen from distant place. Spacious Children Park is a wonderful thing here. Food court is also fully functional and its agreement has been signed for five year term. The grandiose look of the garden and its location make it a very important tourist spot. Foreign and local both visitors are showing great interest in the park.