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Rameshwaram || Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram Island is situated in the Gulf of Mannar, at the very tip of the Indian peninsula, connected to mainland by one of India's great engineering wonders, the Indra Ghandi Bridge. It is one of the most significant pilgrimage centres in South India for both Shaivities and Vaihnavaites. Rameshwaram is the place from where Lord Rama (an incarnation of lord Vishnu and hero of Ramayana) built a bridge across the sea to rescue his consort Sita, from her abductor Ravana (the king of Lanka). This is also the place where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away the sin of killing Ravana. The prime attraction is the Ramanatha Swamy Temple that occupies major area of Rameshwaram and is masterpiece of Dravidian architecture that boasts of the largest temple corridor in India. The temple comprises of 22 sacred wells where the taste of the water of each well is different from the other.