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Ramoche Temple || Sister temple of Jokhang

Ramoche is the sister temple to Jokhang temple, founded around the same time. Ramoche is reputed to be the burial site of its founder Princess Wencheng. It was originally built to contain Tibet's holiest image - Jowo Rinpoche, which is now housed in Jokhang. The principal image in Ramoche is Jowo Mikyo Dorji (Aksobhyavajra- Buddha as an eight year old), which was brought to Tibet as part of the dowry of King Songtsen Gampo's Nepali wife, Princess Bhirikuti. It is said to be have been badly damaged during the Cultural Revolution. Originally, Ramoche was built in Chinese style but, after being destroyed by the fires, the present three-storeyed building was constructed in Tibetan style. The temple is occupied by Gyuto Dratsang, the Upper Tantric college of Lhasa.