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Saas Bahu Temple || Shashtra Bahu Temple

The Saas Bahu temple in Gwalior is dedicated to Lord Vishnu by the King Mahipala. Its a 9th Century shrine, Saas-Bahu temple in the fort allures not only the devotees but also the tourists with its artistic value. As its name denotes, these temples are not dedicated to Sas (mother-in-law) and Bahu (daughter-in-law) but rather the short form of Shashtra Bahu, another name of Lord Vishnu. These temples situated adjacent to each other and the larger one is elaborately decorated with beautiful carvings and sculptures. The roof of the larger temple is adorned with a marvelous lotus carving which is very fascinating. These ancient temples display exceptional architectural brilliance and are a perfect destination for pious people. At the Gate of the Sas Bahu Temple in Gwalior there is a caption in Sanskrit. The doorway gives the view of the Indian Trinity, Lord Brahma, the creator, Lord Vishnu the Preserver and Lord Shiva or the Destroyer.