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Shalu Monastery

Shalu is located about 20km south of Shigatse, 4km off the Gyantse-Shigatse road. The monastery was founded in 1040 by Chetsun Sherab Jungnay. It rose to prominence in 14 century during its 11th Abbott Buton Rinchen Drub (1290-1364), who emerged as the foremost interpreter and compiler of Sanskrit Buddhist texts of his day. He wrote the famous book - the History of Buddhism in India and Tibet at Shalu. Buddhist scripture was catalogued in its entirety at Shalu Monastery. Buton's activity inevitably attracted a great deal of attention to the monastery and brought in other Buddhist intellectuals from around Tibet and India to study here. After his death the monastery became an important epicentre of esoteric studies and psychic training for centuries, including trance walking. However by the 1800s the monastery had become less influential and Tibetan scholars chose to study at the Samye monastery which had grown to be one of the most politically powerful in the Tibetan lands by this time. Shalu is noted for its some remaining 14 century murals which fuse Chinese, Mongol and Nepali Newari styles.