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Sibsagar || Sibsagar

The Talatal Ghar, built by Rudra Singha, and enlarged by Rajeswar Singha (1751-1769), was not the residential building of the royalty but a house for the functioning of the government. It is here the king gave judgment, received his vassals and other dignitaries. The place of royal residence was just north of this complex, which was traditionally done in timber and thatch, a reason why it does not survive today. The chief architect was Ghanashyam, who was brought from Koch Behar.
The two storied Rang-ghar at Rangpur was built by King Pramatta Singha in 1746. It constituted a royal pavilion used for witnessing outdoor sports such as wrestling, elephant fights, buffalo fights, falconry, etc. The architecture was perhaps imitated from the Namghars.
Other places of interest in Sibsagar include the Garhgaon Kareng Ghar - the Ahom King Suuklengmung built the palace when he shifted the capital from Cheregaon (north of Sibsagar town on the banks of the Dikhow River) in 1539.
The palace was built in 1540, but was destroyed and at the very site on which the old palace existed, a new palace was built by King Rajeswar Sinha I 1762 AD. The structure was built in bricks and is almost square in plan and consists of four stories.