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Sikandra || Tomb of Akbar the Great

The legendry life of Emperor Akbar dwarfs other Mughal rulers in many ways; from his legacy as the greatest emperor that ever lived, to the spiritual esteem in which he constructed his monuments.Therefore it is only natural that his tomb be as exquisite as all the beautiful structures he built throughout his reign. At Sikandra, situated at a distance of about 5 miles from the city of Agra, the great ruler rests within a monument that inspires awe at the very first gander of it. This massive structure is the hallmark of Persian architectural finess. The magnificent Gateway features more than 20 panels inlaid with detailed geometric patterns. Geometry forms the core and syncs with some of the floral designs. This synchronization provides a masculine look to the structure. Legend has it that the tomb was designed by Akbar himself and with such intricate details in its design and the colossal nature of the structure one cannot disagree with the legend. Epic history is evident everywhere in Agra, in the form of all the fairy tale castles or the gigantic monuments built by Akbar. There could be hardly any place other than this tomb where this titan ruler could have found peace at last.